On March 16, 1968 , American soldiers went into a small village in Vietnam called My Lai and killed approximately 400 unarmed civilians. Two years later the American public found out what had happened at My Lai. The government called it an incident while others called it a massacre. One person, Lt. William Calley, was charged with the killings. He served less than four years on house arrest. No others were found guilty of the killings or the cover up that the government was accused of doing.


Explain the events that led up to the killings and what happened that day in the village of My Lai. Was there a cover up by the government of the events? How did the story finally go public? What was the public reaction to the actual sentence that Calley served? What are the reactions and the message today, from both the general public as well as the survivors, concerning My Lai and the war overall?


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