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  Kevin Browning
Marcellus E. Foster
  Philomena Buxton
The Texas Prison Rodeo, 1931-1941
  Erica Eaves
Margaret Moffette Lea Houston
  Patrick Guajardo
The Josey Boy Scout Lodge
  John Harrison
The Civil Rights Movement in Huntsville, Texas
  Amanda Haynes
Joseph L. Clark
  Kristen Maier
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Huntsville
  Stephen Pachica
Thomas Jewett Goree and the Civil War
  Matthew Percle
Ol' Sparky: The History of the Electric Chair
  Jacob Piwetz
A New Waverly: Polish Settlement in East Texas
  Cory Reaves
Samuel Walker Houston: Educator and Civil Rights Leader
  Karla Wallace
School Desegregation in Huntsville, Texas

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